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Documentary Films

Films capturing real people and their stories, using the art of observation to craft compelling narratives from every-day events. 


This film, which is still in the post-production process, was created by filmmaker Catherine Masud in celebration of human rights advocate Wiktor Osiatynski and his contributions to the University of Connecticut’s Human Rights Institute. The film is structured around interviews with those who he worked with, lives that he touched. I contributed to the production of this film by assisting in the recording of interviews; operating the camera, positioning lighting, and recording sound. 

Legacy Without Limits.jpg

Beyond the Wishing Well

This short documentary film grapples with the concept of death, and how people’s perceptions of death shape the way that they live their life. The film was created by a team of undergraduate students and myself, led by director Isaac Bilmes. We spoke with a grieving mother, a former hospice nurse, and a 75-year-old man to ask questions about their experiences with loss, and the lessons that they have learned. Throughout the production of this film I placed and operated lighting for indoor shoots to enhance the look of the film, and acted as sound recordist for the interview segments. I also conducted the interview with the hospice nurse, carefully considering what questions might lead to valuable insight on the delicate topics of death and dying. As a graduate student working with undergraduate filmmakers, I also gave feedback and technical advice to the team throughout the production process.


This series of micro documentaries spotlights individuals who partake in a variety of artistic pursuits. I created this series entirely independently; selecting subjects, scheduling shoots, directing the subject, operating film gear, and editing the series.

Portraits: Jacqueline Devine
Portraits: Joshua Allen-Silvia

Thank You Mister Rogers

Thank You, Mister Rogers: Music and Memories is a tribute album created by Dennis Scott, to commemorate the lasting impact and legacy of television personality, and America's kindest neighbor, Mister Rogers. Dennis produced a series of interviews to accompany and promote the album, inviting individuals to share their stories about their personal experiences with Mister Rogers. I assisted UConn Professor and head of the Digital Media and Design department, Heather Elliott-Famularo in recording one of these interviews with Beth Usher and her father. Utilizing a film studio space, I set up the backdrop, lights, and camera, and operated and monitored the audio recording throughout the duration of the interview. I also interfaced with the producer after the shoot in order to share and organize the files. This interview was featured in the Mister Rogers Birthday Celebration video, starting at 11:20. 

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