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IBACS Researcher Profiles

I played a senior role in the development of this series of faculty profile films for the CT Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences. My contributions included coordinating the production of the films, including interfacing with multiple IBACS faculty, supervising teams of undergraduate students involved in the production, serving as primary editor for three of the six films (Marie Coppola, Phil Smith, and Dorit Bar-On), and helping coordinate and lead a live event at the project’s conclusion.

Higher Education Films

Films created primarily for use in an academic context in collaboration with university faculty, staff, and students.

Human Rights Institute Faculty Spotlights

The Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut utilizes research, teaching, and outreach to advance human rights knowledge and practice in Connecticut and around the world. In this ongoing series, I highlight the research of faculty members whose work in various fields brings an interdisciplinary perspective to human rights issues. I collaborate with faculty to craft a compelling script that encapsulates the issues that they study, and the advances that they have made. I bring these scripts to life with a combination of my own camera work, imagery from relevant sources, and careful editing. 

HRI Faculty Spotlight, Shareen Hertel
HRI Faculty Spotlight, Richard Wilson

An initiative launched in 2013 by the U.S. Department of State, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) aims to strengthen leadership development in Southeast Asia. These videos raise awareness of the program's mission and showcase the participants experience during their visit to the U.S. I filmed interviews and candid footage to create this series, and used some of the program participants' photos to help reinforce the personal and social nature of the program.