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Scripted Narrative Films

Fictional stories brought to life through the performance of live actors on camera and the work of production crews.

Late Shift

Synopsis: A recent college graduate and aspiring professional photographer ends up living on her older sister's couch, grappling with the disconnect between a responsible, financially stable path and her dream of becoming a famous, gallery-exhibiting artist.

This short film was created in part for my MFA Thesis. I wrote the script for the film, directed the cast and crew, and edited the video, sound, and color of the final piece. I also served as producer for the film, securing the Marks Family Endowment In Fine Arts grant from the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts in order to fund the production, and managed the budget throughout the production process. As producer I also cast the actors, scouted filming locations, selected crew members, and maintained the production schedule.

In addition to regular filmmaking duties, this film was also created with the help of an undergraduate film crew through a special topics course at the University of Connecticut. I was the Instructor of Record for the course, and guided students through the technical aspects of their roles, giving them constructive feedback and maintaining a grading system.


This film was selected as a finalist for the Mystic Film Festival, the YoungFilmmakers NYC Festival, and the SENE Film Festival. 

Late Shift Trailer

I edited this trailer in order to promote my thesis film, Late Shift. This trailer was used to submit the film to film festivals, and promote the films acceptance in to the festivals.

Poker Night

This film was primarily created by a group of undergraduate students at the University of Connecticut. The film was written by Ben Chason and directed by Carly Zaleski. As a graduate student I acted as producer and advisor to the writer and director of the film. As producer I was responsible for fundraising and budgeting, scheduling rehearsals and shoots, purchasing props and other assets, managing cast and crew, and a wide variety of other tasks that ensured the smooth running of the production.


In addition to my duties as producer, I also assisted in directing the sound recording team and acted as sound recordist on some of the shoots. I also assisted the production designer in the creation of one of the film's studio sets. Finally, I took on the role of co-editor, with particular attention to the fine cut of the film and the assembly of motion graphics and score.

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